SSL Certificates – Basic Requirement For Intra-Organizational Security And Virtual Private Networks


There are many SSL Certification Authorities with Browser based security for Intra-Organizational security. As companies become more decentralized, they find themselves with employees all over the country and around the world. This presents a challenge for network managers – how to make their networks accessible for their staff as well as maintain reliable security measures. Network managers set up Virtual Private networks to achieve this task. Basically VPN’s let you turn the Internet into your corporate network. Through the use of encryption, VPN connections are protected from outside users, safeguarding data and allowing the secure, remote use of important applications. SSL Certificates help you secure your VPN connections in the easiest way.SSL Certificates are based on the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. SSL is a protocol for managing the security of message transmission on the Internet. The SSL standard is not a single protocol, but rather a set of accepted data transfer routines that are designed to protect the integrity of transmitted messages. SSL relies on certificates – digital identification – and keys. Certificates include the name of the certificate authority that issued the certificate, the name of the entity to which the certificate was issued, the entity’s public key, and time stamps that indicate the certificate’s expiration date. SSL Certificates on your Virtual Private Networks or Intranets Serves the same purpose as Internet SSL – they make the communication between a server and a browser safe and secure.Thus, if you have a large employee base which is spread across, you should consider SSL Certificates as a good means to secure your internal communications. The SSL VPN can be a good choice for schools, libraries and public kiosks where trust can be an issue but easy access is also important. Applications include Web-based e-mail, business and government directories, databases for educational institutions, file sharing, remote backup, remote system management and consumer-level e-commerce.


Venini Sapphire Bottle with Light Blue and Black Accents


Hand-crafted in Murano, Venice by Venini glass-makers, collectors new and old will appreciate the beauty of this bottle in sapphire, light blue, and black. Hand-crafted by Venini glass-makers in Murano, Venice Italy, this piece is first-quality and signed by the artisan. Item number: 526.70.
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New York City Black 16 Inch Leg/Arm Warmers by KD dance, Made In New York City USA

  • Made In New York City – In Three Sizes, 16, 28 & 40 Inch Versions **Black & Charcoal On Sale & Also Available For Super Saver Shipping & Prime Customers, Mouse Over The Swatches**
  • Perfect For Ballet, Dance Class, Warm For Under, Fashionable for over Boots, Jeans or Heels – 96% High End Acrylic / 2% Nylon / 2% Lycra
  • Soft, Stretchy & Fashion Versatile, Durable Design & Construction for Professional Dancers & Daily Use – Fashionable & Versitile for Club Wear, Dance Class, Ice Skating to Being You!
  • Perfect For Ballet, Dance Class, Warm For Under, Fashionable for over Boots, Jeans or Heels
  • Fashionable & Versitile for Club Wear, Dance Class, Ice Skating to Being You!

New York City Black 16 Inch Leg/Arm Warmers by KD dance, Made In New York City USA

Professional dancers demand high quality durable clothing, which is why KD dance New York leg warmers are built to last & snap back to new like condition wash after wash & stay true to color.
Ruffled top or bottom depending on how you like to wear them, KD dance New York Leg Warmers are soft, stretchy, warm & always in style. (If considering Metallics Please see our note below) Mix & match, wear them as arm warmers, under boots or over jeans, there are countless looks & uses for these durable Leg Warmers. You do not have to be a professional dancer to enjoy dancing or keeping your arms, feet, calves & ankles warm in 24 Hour Stretch Knit comfort & style. Fashion meets Function as some keep their hands warm when typing on the computer, which can be comforting for those with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Offered in three distinct sizes:
16 Inch that Double as Arm Warmers
28 Inch Thigh High
40 Inch Super Long for long skinny legs Only. (For non-skinny long legged souls see our Loose Knit Thigh High fabrication. (You do not need to have Skinny Legs for the 16 and 28 Inch Versions.)
KD dance was created in 1980 by young dancers knitting clothing for fellow dancers while on tour with the Oakland Ballet. KD Ballet Tops, Shorts & Tights have been featured in Vogue, W, Allure, Harpers Bazaar, Glamour, Shape & Fitness Magazines. Our Gauze like knit makes our clothing versatile & customizable to create looks all your own. Much like putting your hair up or down our Ballet Top can jump from office sweater to get noticed bare shoulders on the dance floor in a snap. Our fabric is blended to stretch, flow & accent your curves & unique sense of living in the moment beauty. Which is why, Dancing or Dinning in KD dance New York the Beauty is You.

Model Dancer Lydia Filippova Photography by Garvey Rich

**Note: Metallics Can Be Coarse, most metallic lovers love them anyway which is why we continue to make them. Made In NYC USA

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Ladies’ Solid Swimsuit Cover-up Sarong- by 1 World Sarongs in White

  • Ravishing fringe style sarong with plenty of wrap around material
  • Versatile for a flirty beach cover-up, a shawl or wear as a dress
  • Design, color and size may vary, due to the exceptional handmade process
  • Composed of a comfortable, lightweight rayon with a silky smooth texture
  • One size will fit most at 66 by 44 inches (168 cm x 112 cm)

Ladies’ Solid Swimsuit Cover-up Sarong- by 1 World Sarongs in White

Solid color, fringed sarong lightweight rayon. Measures approximately 66 x 44 inches (168 cm x 112 cm). Solid sarongs are great to match up with your bathing suit. Sarongs can also be used as shawls, sarong dresses and anything else your heart desires. Photo is a close up, please note color, size and design will vary due to the handmade nature of this item. 1 Worlds Sarongs is the premiere sarong store, we have the largest selection of sarongs on the web.

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