Diamond Cut Clear Lens LED Running Brake Stop Tail Light for Kawasaki KLR650 KLX400



• Condition: Brand new

• Package includes: 1x Integrated Brake tail light

• Voltage: DC 12V.

• Lens size: 5 1/2″ x 1 3/8″ (14cm x 3.5)

• Lens Color: Clear

• Light Color: Red

• Number of LED: 10

• Wattage: 0.24w x 10

• Cable Length: 18.9″ (48cm)

• Material: High quality PC lens

• 3 wires connection system.


• Super bright wide angle and a reflective casing provide maximum visibility & safety.

• Integrated light, 3 wires connecting, used as running light, brake stop light.

• Brings you more safety, Visible By All Traffic.

• Low consumption LED lights, with 80,000 hour life expectancy.

• Our LED light are guaranteed to be the highest quality.

• Easy to install.

• Minor Modification May Required for Some Models


• Universal for Standard bike, dual sport applications, motorcycle, dirt bikes, or quads. (May require modification for some models)

* NOT D.O.T approved. For off road use only

* Note: Professionals install is strongly recommended to avoid trouble caused by inexperienced installer!

* Please Read All Description and Fitment Before Ordering the Product

* All of our packages are shipped from
Hong Kong, it normally takes 7-20 business days to receive

* Your satisfaction is our utmost concern. Please contact us to resolve any issue before leaving any neutral or negative feedback
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Compare IP PBX, VoIP PABX, Virtual PBX, and Standard Phone Systems


Introduction: Are you unsure whether which phone system is right for you? Is it IP PBX, VoIP PABX, Virtual PBX, or a standard system? We will give you some basic hints on what they are and what may help you.1) IP PBX and VoIP PABXThese 2 things are essentially the same thing. IP is the abbreviated term for Internet Protocol and VoIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol. Both allow voice to be converted from analogue sound waves to digital packets of information that can be sent over a network or the internet. The key thing here is DIGITAL packets of information and I’ll talk more about that after explaining a standard phone system. The PBX and PABX is an abbreviated term for Private Branch Exchange or Private Automated Branch Exchange and just means you have some equipment that will manage your calls and not just the Public equipment in the exchange of Telstra, Optus and the many other phone providers out there.2) Virtual PBX or Virtual PABXBy now you know that a PBX and PABX mean the same thing. A Virtual PABX just means that someone else has the equipment located offsite and not on your premises. Instead of you having all your phone lines going to a box on the wall in your office a virtual system has it elsewhere, which means all calls go elsewhere to the box and then you get the calls on your IP handsets. This is a cheap way of having a phone system as someone else is responsible for the hardware, but the downside is you must rely on them and their equipment and you have little control over it. Most providers however will have much better backup systems in the event of a failure so when something does fail in a month or in years to come, they are better at getting it sorted quickly.Remote access is another great feature of this as your connection to the system is using the internet and therefore virtual, then you can access it from anywhere with internet access and therefore 1 system can cater to many, many locations, unlike 1 system in one location in your office.3) Standard PABX Phone Systems:With a standard box on the wall system, all your phone lines and handsets directly connect using at least 1 pair of cables per phone line and per handset in most cases. Your voice is converted pretty much the same way it is at the public exchange and as stated 1 pair of cables is required per device, unlike digital IP systems that can share the one cable for many phones and many phone lines.The standard phone system is by far the most popular as it has been around the longest, BUT is fast becoming a thing of the past as it can be much more cost effectively and flexible to have IP based systems that share the same cables and that also allow you to connect to them from anywhere making remote office extensions a very simple and effective tool for business travellers or outsourcing etc.Conclusion:All phone systems like the Hybrex or LG and many other types should do the basics: place a call on hold, transfer a call, music on hold, take a message, etc and therefore that will not be the thing to compare. The thing to compare is cost of having a system in every office, remote phones when travelling or working from home and if you want to take control of the equipment in your office or have someone else do it in a virtual setup.I won’t suggest the best as that will depend on your budget and circumstances, but don’t be afraid to ask us about your specific circumstances and we will be glad to make a suggestion or write a special article on your general circumstances.Happy searching, buying, and installing.

1995 Suzuki VS 1400 GLP Intruder – S83 Rear Tire Hugger


1995 Suzuki VS 1400 GLP Intruder – S83 Rear Tire Hugger

The Rear Tire Hugger bolts to the Rear Swingarm and protects the rear fender, you, and the rest of the motorcycle from dirt and road debris. The Condition of this part is Used.

A used Rear Tire Hugger will be unbroken and fully functional. All mounting tabs will be intact. Due to the location of this component on the motorcycle and the function that it serves, cosmetic imperfections are considered normal wear.

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SSL Certificates – Basic Requirement For Intra-Organizational Security And Virtual Private Networks


There are many SSL Certification Authorities with Browser based security for Intra-Organizational security. As companies become more decentralized, they find themselves with employees all over the country and around the world. This presents a challenge for network managers – how to make their networks accessible for their staff as well as maintain reliable security measures. Network managers set up Virtual Private networks to achieve this task. Basically VPN’s let you turn the Internet into your corporate network. Through the use of encryption, VPN connections are protected from outside users, safeguarding data and allowing the secure, remote use of important applications. SSL Certificates help you secure your VPN connections in the easiest way.SSL Certificates are based on the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. SSL is a protocol for managing the security of message transmission on the Internet. The SSL standard is not a single protocol, but rather a set of accepted data transfer routines that are designed to protect the integrity of transmitted messages. SSL relies on certificates – digital identification – and keys. Certificates include the name of the certificate authority that issued the certificate, the name of the entity to which the certificate was issued, the entity’s public key, and time stamps that indicate the certificate’s expiration date. SSL Certificates on your Virtual Private Networks or Intranets Serves the same purpose as Internet SSL – they make the communication between a server and a browser safe and secure.Thus, if you have a large employee base which is spread across, you should consider SSL Certificates as a good means to secure your internal communications. The SSL VPN can be a good choice for schools, libraries and public kiosks where trust can be an issue but easy access is also important. Applications include Web-based e-mail, business and government directories, databases for educational institutions, file sharing, remote backup, remote system management and consumer-level e-commerce.